• Winter in Malta

Plan Your Winter Holiday:

Coastal cliff walks, green nature - Discover Malta in Winter

During the winter, Malta's piercing heat cools down making it a little more bearable. This gives tourists a chance to really experience the island and explore each historical town, either by car, bus or foot. With the climate a little more habitable, the usually dry land opens up and becomes green and lush with plant life given a chance to flourish, offering up a very different Malta.

Heritage & Countryside Walks, Treks, Hikes and Mountaineering

What better time to take in the beautiful Maltese landscape than in autumn and winter. Still warm but cool enough to tolerate, walkers, ramblers, site seekers, pilgrims and health nuts can wonder the hills of Malta.

Discover a world of hidden treasures in amongst the rocks, nooks and crannies of the island. Malta has a long history dating back to the prehistoric times. While Malta is full of history, from its streets, to it's architecture the north holds the key to a time that predates Christ.

Tour the Island

Tours of Malta and Gozo are also by a long list of different authorities. This includes Malta Heritage itself and Valletta Living History. There are also tours by boat, the old yellow buses or walking tours.

Cultural Events

In addition to the Notte Bianca Festival which happens every year at the end of September, Malta has lots of historical, art and culture events year round. Feasts happen regularly, which involve marches, music, fireworks and reenactments. Opera, music, wine tasting and theatrical performances also happen through out the year. And, because of the beautiful weather can afford to take place outside, in gardens and open theatres around Malta and Gozo in particular Valletta which hosts the majority of events.

For those interested in the history of music in Malta, the Royal Opera House in Valletta is a must see. Although heavily bombed in 1942 during World War 2, the ruins of the building designed by Edward Middleton are still visible.