Sustainable Priorities

Continued, sustained and sustainable investment in the physical attributes of the establishment, helping establish the “3-Star Plus” level of accommodation. 
The Bayview Hotel & Apartments has recently finished an overall refurbishment programme, focusing on increasing Hotel standards in general. The results of the programme are conspicuous: the new lobby / reception area, the indoor pool and a large number of hotel rooms, such as apartments are refurbished up to the "3-Star Plus" standards, all following the latest design trends. To increase the value further, the Bayview Hotel & Apartments is always looking for possible ways to improve the service with providing the best available food & beverage products. To complete the high standard, professional operations, the Bayview Hotel is employing experienced personnel in all departments.
To maximise the turnover of the Hotel, the Bayview Hotel & Apartments is maintaining extensive online marketing. The aim of the campaigns is to build a profitable market presence in it's main markets, attract more customers and build long term brand loyalty. The Hotel is active on multiple online advertising and distribution channels, also on multiple social media platforms. To run online marketing and distribution with utmost efficiency, the Bayview Hotel & Apartments has invested into a new website and professional tools.

Environmental Sustainability in Tourism is a theme that was tackled in great detailed. The actual and potential impact on the environment, together with the usual criteria of price and quality were applied.

The main environmentally friendly measure of this project is the waste management system, comprising the designation of a specialised area for waste management, purchase and installation of a waste compactor, and purchase of four, colour coded waste collection bins one for paper-waste, one for plastic, one for metal and another for organic waste.

The project involves the separation of waste according to type and its compaction, the storage of waste in a dedicated temperature-controlled environment, and the handing over of such waste for eventual recycling. An integrated water pressure regulation system has also been implemented, and this promises very significant savings.

Bayview Hotel has decided to employ a new scheme to encourage visitors to render their stay environmentally sustainable incentivising practices to minimize their impact on the environment. And so, upon check-in, the customers will be given a leaflet informing them how to use water and energy resources responsibly.