Visual Attractions

The Maltese Carnival takes on a traditional pattern with costumes, dresses, grotesque mask competitions, marching bands and lavish late-night parties. 
The main events take place at Valletta and Nadur, with colourful floats, festive costumes and dancing. Other towns or villages may have their own variation of the feast.
The children choose to dress as their favourite, cartoon character, superhero or anything they desire. Those older prefer to attend clubs and bars, mainly at Paceville. Although some even choose to go wearing an outrageous outfit, reliving their childhood memories. 

Christmas in Malta is highly celebrated both for its religious and social aspects. Christmas relives the birth of Christ and so the display of cribs is one of the main events in Malta. Cribs and Nativity scenes can be found anywhere. 
Locals spend days creating these works of wonders, and some cribs are even enhanced with mechanically moving figures and great artistic detail. 
For a more spiritual evening, one may choose the visit the Co-Cathedral of St John or other Parish Churches and join in the congregation. 
On another note, some may choose to have a more relaxed and carefree night. One can attend the annual pantomime held at the Manoel Theatre for a good laugh. Or even spend the night at a restaurant, a hotel, a bar or a club with friends or family. 


Easter in Malta is primilarly related to its religious aspect. Believers gather in numbers to commemorate the passion, death and resurrection of Christ. 

Various towns and villages commemorate the Passion and episodes of Jesus' Life with a solemn procession of statues and biblical chracters. Many processions include a man, 
who plays out Jesus, carrying a cross and walking barefoot. 

The heavy mood is lifted on Easter Sunday, with the ringing of bells and festive tunes to announce Christ's Resurrection. The statue of the Risen Christ is moved along the roads, and some towns and villages choose to run with the statue before moving it back to the church. 

Easter is a time to spend with friends and family. Many choose to meet up in one household and cook a home-made dinner. While others prefer to go to their favourite restaurant and dine there. Children are also rewarded with 'figolli', easter eggs and presents for their good behaviour.
Festival Mediterranea


Festival Meditteranea is an annual mid-autumn music festival in the beautiful island of Gozo. The event provides many music and opera performances, but also international conferences, walks and talks in historic places, field trips, food and drink events and art exhibitions.  

Malta International Fireworks Festival

This annual spectacular event, which takes place in the end of April, provides a massive display of fireworks, from both locally and foreign companies. Everyone can attend and enjoy the beautiful masterpieces of light and sound, free of charge. 
Malta Jazz Festival
The Malta Jazz Festival, which takes place in July, consits of a top international and local artist line-up. The festival involves a wide range of jazz styles and takes place over three nights at Ta' Liesse, Valletta. 
Notte Bianca
Notte Bianca is an annual event in Malta that takes place in October. Valleta is lit up during the night, and state palaces and museums open their doors. Everything opens until late, and people may choose to have a sleepless night to visit all the possible places of historic and cultural interest.
Cafes and restaurants also remain open, and some even opt to put tables in the street to alert the eye of the customer. Costumes of cultural figures and soldiers are worn to make Valletta seem more alive, historic and artistic. 
Ghanafest is another traditional event that occurs annualy in Floriana. June brings about this three-day manifestation of Maltese folk singing and traditional Maltese instrumental talent. Apart from the different styles of 'ghana', the programme presents a different range of musical styles from other local musicians. 
A variety of international folk singers and musicians also decide to attend and join in the singing. Various other cultural crafts and demonstrations are located close to the festival. 
Village Festas
Villages Festas in Malta are very common. There is hardly any weekend when no town or village is celebrating a feast. Sometimes more than one feast may be celebrated in one weekend. 
The churches and roads are decorated with lights and tapestries. The locals also resort to decorate their own balconies and rooftops with colours of their feast and statues of their patron. Flags are also hoisted on public and private residences. 
Traditional and fast food stands are set up along the roads to encouarge people to stay for the evening display of fireworks. Both the ground and aerial fireworks are spectecular shows of colour explosion and should not be missed.